(File Photo: Kari Eakins, Townsquare Media)

Dave Bostrom, the UW Board of Trustees president, has reiterated the need for confidentiality in the search for a replacement for Tom Buchanan who plans to retire next year.  This one one of several issues addressed by Bostrom in an op-ed column released by the University of Wyoming last week.

“The Board of Trustees is committed to finding a highly qualified, highly skilled person capable of leading the university in such a manner. The board has adopted a search strategy to accomplish that objective. It involves a significant amount of public involvement, along with a dose of necessary confidentiality.”

Bostrom also addressed the need for public input, reminding of a series of public meetings being held around the state to receive input from the public at large.

“In a series of public meetings around the state this week, members of the public have the opportunity to express their desired qualifications and characteristics for UW’s next president.”

Dave Bostrom, in addition to being the UW Board of Trustees President, is a businessman from Worland.

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