Photo provided by WYDOT

Construction has begun on a road leading to the Jonathon Quarry. The construction project is located about nine miles north of Laramie off US 30. Crews from WYDOT and the Knife River Corporation took advantage of the nice weather earlier in the week by removing topsoil to begin construction on the project.

The road will have three and a half miles of paved surface built by WYDOT followed by four and a half miles of gravel surface built by Pete Lien and Sons Corporation. The gravel road will end at the quarry.

Construction building a dirt grade on the WYDOT section of the road is scheduled to continue until mid-December, when the dirt will be left to settle through the winter. Construction will begin in the spring when they begin replacing base material and paving.

The road will provide quarter-mile acceleration and deceleration lanes for the intersection at US 30. This is to improve safety for motorists on the highway and for truck traffic entering and exiting the quarry road. Work on the project is scheduled to be completed next year.

Funding for the project is provided jointly by WYDOT, Albany County, and Pete Lien and Sons Corporation. The project cost to WYDOT is about $3 million.

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