Dr. Kenneth Sims is an associate professor at UW’s department of Geology and Geophysics, and this October he will be going to the icy southern frontier of the world.

Dr. Sims will be visiting and studying Mt. Erebus, Antarctica’s second largest and most active volcano.  This will be Dr. Sims’ 11th time on the Antarctic continent, and he will be blogging and tweeting during the expedition so we here at home can follow him.

The goal of the journey is to gather samples from the lava flows around Mt. Erebus, and while collecting those samples, Dr. Sims and his colleagues will be facing temperatures that can drop to forty-below-zero.  This, despite the fact that Antarctica will be going through it’s spring time and will have 24-hour sunlight.

We were able to interview Dr. Sims about his upcoming expedition.  Listen to that interview here:

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