My father always got vanity plates for his vehicles when I was growing up. It made it easy to find them in a busy parking lot, not that there were a lot of those where I grew up, but the fact that the vanity plate was our last name made it difficult to get away with borrowing the car and hoping no one noticed.

Vanity plates in the cowboy state consist of 4-5 characters, and have to be approved by WYDOT in order to be produced and licenced. But what happens when a word comes through that isn't exactly... Politically Correct? Plates like DRUGS, CRAP, GTFO and BUTTS are just a few examples of vanity plates in Wyoming that have been summarily rejected. 

According to the application form: "Any combination that spells, connotes, abbreviates, or otherwise stands for language that is obscene, vulgar, indecent, or pruriently suggestive will not be allowed."

But what about less well-known words that may or may not be vulgar? Like GTFO, could you say everyone knows what that stands for? Well, WYDOT uses Urban Dictionary and other sources on the internet to double check the words to make sure they're above bar.

What would you get as a Vanity Plate if you could get around this rule?

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