UniWyo Federal Credit Union announced it will be closing its branch located on Reynolds Street in Laramie.

Mindy Uitterdyk, UniWyo marketing vice president, said the branch closing was a business move.

“We have three branch locations all within a mile and a half of each other,” Uitterdyk said. “Laramie is not that big, so having three full-service branches was not the best use of our member’s money.”

Uitterdyk said the branch closing was not an indication that UniWyo was financially troubled and that it was quite the opposite.

“I know if people see that a branch is closing that they may think it is financial distress or something, but that’s totally not the case,” she said. “We’re extremely financially sound – last year we wrapped up the year with phenomenal growth. Our assets are now over $300 million.”

Uitterdyk said she hopes the central location of the Grand Avenue branch means UniWyo customers accustomed to the Reynolds branch quickly get used to using the new location.

“Being a part of UniWyo has a lot more to offer than just convenient branch locations,” Uitterdyk says. “Hopefully people are fine driving a little further to go to the campus branch or the Grand Avenue branch.”

Uitterdyk hopes customers will also take advantage of the online features offered by UniWyo.

“With all of the online features and people being able to bank so much online, hopefully that’s another helpful point for them to remember, those ones who are closer to the Reynolds branch,” Uitterdyk said.

Uitterdyk said UniWyo staff in the Reynolds branch will be moving to the Grand Avenue branch and the company is excited to be under one roof.

“UniWyo is in it for the long haul, we are so appreciative to the Laramie community,” Uitterdyk said. “We want to keep serving them and better serve them.”

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