Someday, she will look back and treasure this memory. For now, one young lady's Wyoming road trip will be an embarassing reminder of her father's corny sense of humor.

A picture featuring her father chugging water in front of a sign in Chugwater, Wyoming, made the front page of the popular website Reddit this weekend, along with the caption, "You know your pops is committed to dad jokes when he stops in the middle of a six-hour drive through Wyoming just to take the picture."

Her father's feeble attempt of humor became even more humiliating when Reddit readers noticed that the middle-aged man was wearing two pairs of glasses.

The photo has recieved over 1,000 comments, including these clever remarks.

"As a Wyoming-ite, I can confirm that's all there is to do in Chugwater."

"Isn't a 6 hour road trip in Wyoming basically just driving to the next town?"

"Dad why are we stopping? Because I need to stretch my legs and be hilarious."



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