Is it OK for any vehicle or trailer to be parked on city streets and not be licensed or registered? When I call the police, I get referred to Laramie Dispatch and am told that they are criminal officers and do not enforce parking restrictions.


"It is not illegal for a vehicle or trailer to be parked on a city street. A vehicle may be operated on a title for 30 days. The same applies to a trailer. As they may be operated when the owner is in possession of the title, they may legally be parked on a street. The ordinance and state statue that apply to these situations is commonly referred to as the abandoned vehicle statute. Under the statue/ordinance, an officer would be required to "mark" the vehicle and then wait a minimum of 30 days prior to having it removed from the street. While this is something a police officer may handle, these calls are usually referred to our Community Service Officers, as they are dedicated to parking enforcement issues. This allows sworn police officers to focus on more serious matters. The Laramie Police Department handles over 30,000 calls for service yearly, so priorities must be identified on a continual basis. Finally, the Laramie City Council just passed a revised trailer parking ordinance that allows a resident to park one trailer in front of their own residence, without being moved, for any period of time."

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