If you are looking to get your caffeine buzz, we have a plethora of great coffeehouses here in Laramie. Laramie has six, count them, six coffee shops. I know, I was surprised, too. We also have a Starbucks in Albertsons and Safeway, and a coffee bar at Hastings. We also have a few drive up coffee shacks that are very convenient. If they know you and your car they will even pre-make your coffee. The coffeehouse atmosphere is one of enjoying an espresso, reading the newspaper, or jumping on the internet to update your Facebook page. I see people doing schoolwork, meeting with colleagues from work, or working on their laptops.  I myself start most days at the coffee shop with a hazelnut latte.  Tip your Barista well!

So, here are the top 5 (really 6) coffee houses in Laramie. I will not rank them but will give you a good idea of the specialty of each coffeehouse and what type of atmosphere you can expect.




1. Coal Creek Coffee Company (with 2 locations) -

Downtown: 110 E. Grand Ave. (307) 745.7737 and Uptown: 2317 Grand Ave. @ UW Plaza

Coal Creek Coffee Company is the original coffeehouse nestled in downtown Laramie. Surrounded by a variety of gift shops, bookstores, dining establishments and salons.  It is easy to spend a full afternoon enjoying the great atmosphere. Coal Creek Coffee has 2 locations; one Downtown and one Uptown. You're going to have great coffee that is roasted in-house.  They specialize in great baked goods and lunch items as well.


2. Turtle Rock - 270 N. 9th St. (307) 745.3741


Located next to the University of Wyoming west campus, Turtle Rock has a great atmosphere and great coffee. They have breakfast and lunch items. On Wednesday nights they celebrate "A Taste of Italy", which is a tasty feast and a great place to take a date. You can even bring along your favorite bottle of wine.  Parking at Turtle Rock is hard to come by, but if your are a UW student or work at the university it's worth the walk.

3. The Grounds Internet & Coffee Lounge - 171 N 3rd St  (307) 460-2073


The Grounds is under new management. It is a unique place to have your morning Joe. At The Grounds you can find great coffee and espresso, but they also specialize in fruit smoothies. The smoothies can be made with wheat grass for those healthy consumers. They also purchase organic items and recycle. The Grounds has a rich, calming atmosphere and is perfect for anyone wanting to work on their computer. The Grounds has great sandwiches and soups for lunch too!



4. Night Heron Books & Coffeehouse - 107 Ivinson Ave. (307) 742-9028  


Night Heron Books & Coffeehouse is a quaint bookstore with a little coffee shop in the back. They offer unique coffee drinks like the Crazy Carol's (5 shots of espresso!) They offer bakery goods and lunch items like the Big Hallow Sandwich. You can look through their used book selection as you sip on your coffee drink. This is a great place to read a book or just relax downtown!




5. Copper Kettle Espresso Bar and Tea House (upstairs coffee shop) 209 S 2nd Street (307) 742-1800



The Copper Kettle Coffee Shop upstairs is a very hip place for your coffee break. The exposed brick and unique decorations are a welcome and relaxing place to sip your favorite hot beverage. The Copper Kettle's gourmet kitchen store offers culinary inspiration to all ages and levels of knowledge. The Copper Kettle has cooking classes for for kids and adults to stretch your gourmet capabilities. The Copper Kettle is great place to browse while you sip on your tea or coffee drink, and they have everything you need for your home kitchen.