Sure, Laramie has a Pizza Hut, Dominoes, Papa Johns, Papa Murphy's and a Toppers, but what about home-made pizza? Since the closing of the 1985 established business, Grand Avenue Pizza, the search has been on for many Laramigos for the perfect slice of pie.

The Crowbar and Grill, a gastropub in downtown Laramie, has been offering pizza for years, and their "by the slice" approach to selling late-night pizza has been a huge success with the downtown scene. With unique pizza stylings as well as old classics, the Crowbar proves that good pizza in Laramie didn't die with Grand Ave. Pizza.

My personal favorite pizza on their menu, The Sledgehammer, includes a fried egg right in the middle. They also offer personal pan pizzas, build your own pizzas, and more unique offerings, despite not being a strict "Pizza joint."

So what do you think? Does the Crowbar keep the pizza lover's scene alive in Downtown Laramie?


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