Laramie Wyoming has some great monuments, museums and road side atractions that conjure up visions of the old west. Many have few visitors during the year and it's amazing that their right outside our door. In less than 15 minutes from town you can be staring at a granite pyramid (Ames Monument) dedicated to the Ames brothers that marks the highest point on the Union Pacific Railroad, or the Lincoln Monument marking the highest point on the old Lincoln Highway. Both make a great stop on I-80 and the Lincoln Monument has a museum and rest area. Check out our top 5 Monuments and list of Laramie Museum's and enjoy our western town.


1. Ames Monument

- Completed in 1882 at a cost of $65,000, this monolithic 60-foot high granite pyramid was built by the Union Pacific Railroad Company. It stands at 8,247 feet, the highest elevation on the original transcontinental route.

Location: 20 miles east of Laramie—take Exit 329 on I-80 and follow signs (some travel on a gravel road required).


2. The Lincoln Monument

- Between Laramie and Cheyenne, was commissioned by the state of Wyoming in 1959 to honor the 150thanniversary of Lincoln’s birth. The monument marks the highest point of the old Lincoln Highway and was placed here in 1969 when I-80 was completed.

Location: Located at the Summit Rest Area (Exit 323) on Interstate 80, Wyoming


3. The UW Art Museum

-   The University of Wyoming Art Museum is situated in a stunning building called the Centennial Complex which leaves visitors spellbound with its architecture. Dedicated to collecting, preserving and exhibiting the finest artworks from across the state, this museum has nurtured numerous home-grown, national and global artists. Admission is always free of charge. 307-766-4218

Location: 2111 Willett Drive, Laramie, WY


4. The Wyoming Territorial Park

- This western heritage park is built around the beautifully restored Wyoming Territorial Prison of the 1870s.I-80 exit 311. 307-745-6161-offers rotating exhibits from its permanent collection of 7,000 works, plus traveling exhibitions every summer designed with the visitor in mind.

Location: 975 Snowy Range Road, Laramie, Wyoming—near Exit 311 on I-80.


5. The Laramie Plains Museum

- is located in the beautiful Historic Ivinson Mansion built in 1892. The museum houses the largest collection of hand carved furniture made in Wyoming.

Location: 603 Ivinson Street, Laramie, WY

Museums in Albany County:

- Historic Ivinson Mansion
- Nici Self Museum
- American Heritage Center- University of Wyoming Anthropology Museum
- University of Wyoming Art Museum (in the Centennial Complex)
- University of Wyoming Geological Museum
- University of Wyoming Insect Museum
- University of Wyoming Planetarium
- Wyoming Territorial  Prison Museum
- Wyoming House for Historic Women
- UP Train Depot

More Visitor information go to: VISIT LARAMIE