There are many places to walk you dog in Laramie. Most city parks have poop bags for your pup's dirty deeds. They also require dogs to be on a leash, except at the fenced park at the Greenbelt.  As for my dog,  he likes to meet other dogs and do the dog thing; you know say hello in dog speak.

So that's why I though it would be better if my dog finished up this post and told it from his point of view.

Hello, name's Schooner (I didn't pick it my name).  This is the first time my owner asked me about my thoughts, and the first time I get to touch the computer.  What does this doooooooooooooooo??? Ok, first thing is: I like to go on walks- a lot of walks!  He only takes me two times, once in the morning and once at night. I could definitely use 2-3 more walks a day, for sure!  I need to chase my ball or stick too, so I need to get out to the mountains at least 3 times a week; that is the best and what I love about living in Wyoming! Ok, here is my top 5 places to wag my tail in and around Laramie:

1. Washington Park (18th & Sheridan) - I live right across the street so I sneak up on the couch and watch all my dog pals go by. My owner likes that the bags for dog dodo are always available.  There are lots of sticks and pine cones for me to find.  There are always lots of other dogs to socialize with.  The path around the park is .78 miles, so we get some good exercise.

2. Green Belt (Garfield & Spruce)-  This park has a path that follows the Laramie River- and boy do I love water!   There are 5.75 miles of paths and bikes are allowed. I love to run alongside my owner!  Right now the water is so high that some of the paths are closed- but you can still go and enjoy the dog run area. I can be off leash and chase balls and hang out with my buddies.

3. LePrele Park (23rd & Spring Creek)-  This park has a pond where the little ones can fish while I dream of swimming! There is also a lot of native area around to romp around in. And the disc golf course is great for everyone (even though I'm not allowed to catch the Frisbee!!

4. Veedawoo (East of Laramie off of I-80)- I LOVE Veedawoo!! There are lots of trails to run along and streams and beaver ponds to quench my thirst.  My family and I love to go around the Turtle Loop and then have a big picnic.  I have to resist chasing after the other animals I see.

5. LaBonte Park (5th & Canby)  Another park with a lake! Of course, this lake is known to be rather stinky- but I don't mind! There are lots of water fowl and a .63 mile jogging path to get my exercise.

All this talking about walking has got me thinking (for once) I off to go for a walk and today it will be a great day to chase my tail!

- Schooner - 4 month old black lab

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