The City of Laramie Parks and Recreation Department has closed the fenced large Dog Friendly Off-Leash Area at Optimist Park due to the snowy and muddy conditions and potential impacts to existing vegetation.

The fenced large Dog Off-Leash Area is CLOSED until further notice. Please help the parks and recreation minimize and mitigate the impacts to the area by not using the fenced large dog friendly off leash area in muddy and snowy conditions to protect this great amenity for our community.

The small dog friendly off leash area at Optimist Park will remain open for use of both large and small dogs. In addition, the dog friendly off leash area at Aragon located north of the Aragon Softball Complex near 22nd and Harney will remain open.

Please feel free to contact the Parks and Recreation Director, Paul Harrison at 307-721-5260, or the Parks Manager, David Schott at 307-721-5264, with any question or concerns.

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