Tim Nichols has been a Laramie resident since 2010 and he says he has been serving the Laramie community ever since.

The logical next step to continue serving the community, Nichols said in a release, was to run for City Council. Nichols recently announced his campaign for City Council Ward 1.

Nichols is employed with the University of Wyoming Transit Management team, where he said he made sure the employees voices were heard and worked to create a team-centered work environment. After the Albany County Transit Authority could no longer sustain operations, Nichols said he fought to continue bus service.

While serving on the Joint Powers Board for the Laramie Plains Civic Center, he worked to make the civic center a place that Laramie residents could enjoy and benefit from.  Nichols says he plans to bring this same level of dedication and advocacy to City Council.

If elected, Nichols says he plans to focus on three main areas – economic development, sustainable infrastructure and a balanced budget.

“I firmly believe there is a critical lack of full-time, fully benefited jobs in Laramie that offer competitive salaries. The lack of this influence has caused stagnation in the city’s median household income, which has led to an unsustainable cost of living,” Nichols said in a statement. “My initiative to bring those jobs to Laramie will lead to a more competitive market which will begin tackling this issue.”

Nichols said he will focus on generating revenue while also working to provide sustainable infrastructure and a balanced budget.


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