I've never had a pet raccoon. I suppose I can now add that to my ever-growing bucket list. There is a Wyoming family that has one though and it is completely not impressed with a newly acquired raccoon statue.

The video description doesn't mention where in Wyoming this happened, but it's absolutely the most Wyoming raccoon moment ever.

Here's the background story from the video share:

We received the statue raccoon as a gift from a family friend. We were curious to see how our younger, more rambunctious raccoon, Rio, would respond. We put the statue raccoon on the ground and watched. After watching for a bit, we thought his reaction was too funny not to record. After posting on their TikTok it was clear that everyone else thought is was as hilarious as we did.

So the raccoon is now a TikTok star? Doesn't that just figure. I can't get a handful of views there, but a crazy animal becomes a sensation. I guess I should just be happy for Rio.

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