The hardest working dogs in the valley, says the Jackson Hole Ski Resort website, but these furry friends do more than just look cute on the slopes.

Sable, Goose, Ziggy, Cricket, Josie, Wookie, and Luna are the "Jackson Hole Patrol Dogs," and they aren't just employees, they're family members with fun personalities and hard-working days on the snow. These dogs are adorable, yes, but they're also an integral part of the ski resort's plan of action in the event of a missing skier on the slopes or an avalanche on the mountain.

An aptitude test is administered to the dogs when they're just puppies. Luna, the youngest member of the patrol team, is not even a year old yet. You'll notice from the video above, that German Shepherds aren't the only dogs suited for search and rescue, all kinds of breeds are on the mountains, keeping the humans safe as they ski down the rocky terrain.

But the best part? After a long day of work (and sometimes play) these adorable heroes get to go home with their handlers, where they get all the love they could want. That's a job well done for these hard-working pups.

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