Drivers don't have a lot of options when it comes to getting to the new Laramie High School. But whether you're a parent dropping off children or a student with wheels of your own, there's one route you'll want to avoid if you want to beat the bell.

The superintendent of Albany County schools and Laramie's mayor are both urging drivers to stay off Garfield Avenue if headed to the new LHS. Grand Avenue is the better way to get onto Boulder Drive.

"We have noticed during a few community events at the new high school, that motorists who try to access Boulder Drive from Garfield next to the recreation center will have to wait for quite a while as traffic comes through the intersection from Grand," says Laramie Mayor Dave Paulekas.

According to a news release from Albany County School District No. 1, City of Laramie engineers and Wyoming Department of Transportation officials will monitor traffic patterns over the next two weeks, along with police officers and school officials.

Adjustments to traffic patterns and traffic lights will be made as necessary. The traffic light on the corner of Grand Avenue and Boulder Drive has already been adjusted to facilitate traffic turning left onto Grand from Boulder Drive.

Beech Street is closed this week between Boulder Drive and Vista Drive as the city finishes up an overlay project, due to be finished up by the end of Friday.

Bill Nye headed east from Boulder Drive will be finished in the next couple of months, giving drivers headed to Vista another way out of the high school parking lot.

Yennie emphasizes the importance of patience during the first few days of school as folks adjust to the new traffic patterns on Grand and Boulder.

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