Father's Day is coming up this Sunday, June 20th in case for whatever reason, you weren't aware. So be sure to get all the awesome Dads out there the best possible gift you can! Of course, Dad is never easy to shop for. It is not the most fun task to take on when shopping for Dad. But nevertheless, it must be done. So what is the most unique gift that Wyomingites are going with for Father's Day in 2021?

The shopping publication, 'SimplyCodes' recently researches online traffic data from the past month to find out what each state was searching for as potential Father's Day gifts. Now, it's important to remember that this research didn't necessarily come up with the 'best' Father's Day gift from each state, but instead, the most 'unique' gift. It may be a little out of left field. It turns out that Wyoming's most unique gift for Father's Day is 'giant water jugs'...Well, I mean, it's not like Dads don't get thirsty. Sure, that works.

While that may be a little oddly specific for a gift, it definitely wasn't the strangest. In fact, it wasn't even close. In Kansas, the most unique gift for the state was 'a pill for limitless brain power'. Kansas knows that the movie 'Limitless' is not a true story, right? Also, in Georgia, the most unique gift searched for was 'robots'. Nothing specific about it, just 'robots'...Moving on. In Virginia, their most unique gift is laser-engraved beef jerky. I mean, I love beef jerky as the next person, but if the beef jerky is just going to be eaten, why get it 'laser-engraved'?

Regardless, as you can see, there are some definitely quirky, odd, and needless to say 'unique' items that were searched for. Although it's not easy to shop for Dad, just do whatever you can to help make your awesome Dad have an amazing day because in the end, as cliche as it sounds, it really is the thought that counts. Happy Father's Day!

10 Cheyenne Frontier Days Souvenirs Found on eBay

2021 is the 125th annual Cheyenne Frontier Days. It's crazy when you stop to think about it that means the Daddy of 'Em All has been around longer than the internet, sliced bread, and cars!

Over that century-plus of Old West celebrations, millions of people have visited Cheyenne, Wyoming. Many of the people took home souvenirs of their days cheering on the rodeo participants and exploring Wyoming.

Many years later those souvenirs have made their way onto the online auction site eBay. Collectors from around the world are reading bits and pieces of Cheyenne's history of tourism. Here are a few of the treasures we found recently.

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