It's that time of year where the smell of PSL is in the air, the weather is cooling off, and best of all the colors are changing all around. Which can only mean one thing. IT"S SPOOKY SEASON!

Thanks to, you can take a trip to Montana that will check off every box on your list for Halloween shenanigans. The total length of the trip is about 7.5 hours but, you may want to take a three-day vacation so you can experience the best parts of Montana.

The best way to start off a road trip is with stopping at a place that is reportedly haunted and that place would be the Lobby bar where apparently 12 spirits have been known to hang out and put you on the tip of your toes at night.

Another place on the list that stood out to me on the list is Butte Montana, they apparently have several buildings around the area that are haunted. So if you can't do the entire road trip this place is an absolute must during Halloween!

They take this day very seriously and have an entire website dedicated to events that happen during the months surrounding Halloween. That's only two places on the list but there is so much more to do when you actually hit the road.

Happy Halloween travels and be safe out there. You never know what kinds of things can happen...

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