According to the Wyoming Game and Fish department, Wyoming’s first ever Super Tag raffle for big game licenses lived up to expectations this past hunting season with a number of record book or near record book animals taken by hunters lucky in the drawings.

A total of 13 licenses were available for both big and trophy game animals which include one license each for bighorn sheep, Shiras moose, elk, mountain goat, mule deer or white-tail deer, wild bison, antelope, mountain lion, wolf (no longer available due to a recent court decision related to the Endangered Species Act), and black bear. Additionally, in a separate “Trifecta” raffle, one lucky winner could choose any three licenses among those being offered. The raffle, available again this year, is open to both residents and non-residents.

Super Tag winners are able to hunt any open area for the species they selected except for moose hunt areas with 10 or fewer licenses and bighorn sheep hunt areas with eight or fewer licenses. Winners also retain all preference points accumulated for their chosen species. Adding to the allure of Super Tags, moose and sheep winners are exempt from the mandatory five-year waiting periods before re-applying for a license, and the once-in-a-lifetime license restrictions for wild bison and mountain goat licenses are also waived.

Super Tag raffle tickets are $10 and the Super Tag Trifecta $30. Tickets are available until July 1 and must be purchased through the Wyoming Game and Fish Department’s Electronic License System. Winners will be notified by July 15. Raffle winners must follow all applicable dates, regulations, and laws for selected hunt areas and must purchase all applicable licenses and/or stamps before hunting. For more information about the raffle visit the Wyoming Game and Fish Department website or call or email Glenn Pauley, or 307-777-4637.

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