Have you heard the stories about the Ferris Mansion in Rawlins, Wyoming? It was built by George Ferris, a prominent Wyoming businessman of his time. He started construction on his home that would overlook Rawlins in 1899. While the home was finished by 1903, Ferris had already tragically passed years earlier in 1900 in a carriage accident.

This mansion has its share of stories, and being haunted is one of the features of this home. I first learned about this home and its haunted history from Cheyenne's own paranormal team, PHOG(Paranormal Hunting Observation Group). They spent time in the home and were able to confirm there were spirits in the home. The spirits are those that lived in the home in its over 100-year history. You can see some of PHOG's work here.

During a recent lecture with PHOG, they explained that George Ferris' wife, Julia loved the home so much that she still walks the parlor of her old home. Their son, Cecil was accidentally shot in the home by his brother and the child is said to be present upstairs.

As of last year, this home was for sale, the listing has been removed from several sites, so I can't confirm if it still is, BUT, as far as I can tell, you can stay in one of the rooms via Airbnb. You can check out their Airbnb here. The room is called the "Rose Room" and it's absolutely gorgeous! I mean, it's a historical home, so an Airbnb in a historic mansion is more than ideal.

I've shared a video below which was taken by the current owners of the home, where they're giving a tour of the home. Below that, I have several photos from their postings in Airbnb and Zillow, from when the home was listed.

Enjoy this piece of Wyoming's haunted history.

The Ferris Mansion Is A Great Piece Of Wyoming's Haunted History

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