Greater Cheyenne Chamber of Commerce President Dale Steenbergen says a proposed skywalk that would link the Hynds Building with the Jack R. Spiker Parking garage would help revitalize downtown Cheyenne.

The city of Cheyenne is asking for a $2 million grant from the Wyoming Business Council for the project, which is also sometimes referred to as a ''sky bridge" or "sky path."

The total cost is projected at about $2.45 million, but the city would have to cover the remaining $450,000 of that, according to Anja Bendel, Director of Business Development for Cheyenne LEADS.

She says a private investor is interested in purchasing the Hynds Building, but only if parking issues can be resolved. Since the proposed skywalk would link the building directly to the parking garage, city officials say it is vital to the possible sale of the building.

The private investor interested in the purchase has so far not been publicly identified.

But Steenbergen says that because there would be public access to the skywalk at both ends, it could help surrounding businesses, including restaurants, deal with parking issues as well. He says that could especially come into play in winter weather when people don't walk to walk several blocks to get to their vehicle.

He says there are still security issues that need to be worked out, adding the skywalk will probably need extra police attention.

But he says if the project becomes a reality it will help with business density in the heart of downtown Cheyenne, which in turn could be a key factor in revitalizing the downtown area.

If the Cheyenne City Council gives final approval to the project and the Business Council approves the grant money, work on the skywalk would probably start sometime next year.