A Democrat will be attempting to throw his hat in the ring in Tuesday's primary election.

Laramie resident Chris Lowry is staging a write-in campaign for the primary election. Lowry will need 25 votes to be considered a candidate in the general election on November 6.

Of his decision to start his campaign this late in the game, Lowry wrote in a statement that he knows "it's really late to get into a race now...but I've been highly disappointed to the point of disgust in the other candidates that have filed for this office."

Although Lowry is a chemist, he notest that he's good at math and believes that he can learn the job very quickly. He also mentioned in a phone call that he felt he was just as qualified as Republican candidates Ron Redo, Leland Christensen and Curt Meier.

Encouraged by friends to run, Lowry feels that his chances of making it on the ballot are "pretty good." He also believes that he can "give a diffierent story of how Wyoming should be moving forward."

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