It's been a law in Cheyenne for over a century, but chances are you've broken it without even knowing it.

Cheyenne passed an anti-spitting law in the late 1800s, after officials learned that tuberculosis could be transmitted through spit.

"This is another one of those laws that is not enforced," said Councilman Richard Johnson, who is working to get the ordinance taken off the books.

"Nobody knows it exists," added Johnson. "So if we're not issuing citations or enforcing it why does it need to be present?"

The problem with enforcing a law against spitting on the sidewalk, is that those responsible for enforcing the law are often guilty of breaking it themselves.

"If another bout of tuberculosis or Spanish influenza comes up, I'm sure that there's going to be a lot of public safety announcements that say this is now a threat to Wyoming so please don't spit on the sidewalks," said Johnson. "But does it need to be a law? I don't believe it does."

The City Council's Public Services Committee will take up the issue when it meets on Tuesday, May 17 at noon.

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