JACKSON HOLE, Wyo. (AP) — More than 100 pronghorn remain in the area surrounding Jackson Hole despite typical migration patterns.

National Elk Refuge officials last weekend spotted 180 pronghorn on the south end of the property; nearly half the number of animals that typically travel through the federally protected land.

Officials say the several hundred pronghorn that summer near Jackson Hole typically migrate to traditional wintering grounds south of Pinedale, but after a weekend of snowstorms it is unlikely the remaining animals will be able to travel over the mountains to get south.

Elk Refuge biologist Eric Cole says wintering at the refuge has mixed results for pronghorn. In the winter of 2014-15, 62 animals stayed on the refuge and 30 made it to spring, but in 1992-93 just two of 88 pronghorn survived the winter.