The Cheyenne Board of Public Utilities will be removing sediment from Lower North Crow Reservoir next month.

The reservoir, which supplies water used to irrigate City of Cheyenne parks, is located 27 miles northwest of Cheyenne in the John and Annie Woodhouse Recreation and Wildlife Habitat area.

The reservoir was built in 1911 and rehabilitated in 1994. At full capacity, it holds about 32 million gallons of water. Over the years, silt and sediment have migrated into the reservoir, decreasing its storage capacity.

The silt removal project will not only allow the reservoir to hold more water but while the water level is lowered for that project the Wyoming Game and Fish Department to reduce the population of problem suckers in the reservoir.

Lower North Crow Reservoir is usually stocked with trout every year, but that wasn't done this year because of plans for the project. But it will be restocked with trout next year.

A fishing pier for people with disabilities will also be installed. The project will begin next month and continue through December.

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