Senator John Barrasso recently spoke about President Biden and his perceived impact on inflation in the United States. Barrasso has continually pointed the finger of blame at President Biden for higher prices on things like gasoline, holiday meals, and more. Now, Barrasso is saying that President Biden has driven inflation to a 40-year high.

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"Joe Biden is the president of high prices," Barrasso said at a recent press conference. "Inflation will be a defining failure of this president's administration, to the point that in just one year as president, Joe Biden has driven inflation to a 40-year high."

Barrasso also said that, for this reason and others, President Biden's approval rating is sitting at just 40 percent. The Senator said his approval is low because the American people are "paying the price and feeling the pain."

Barrasso revealed that Americans are paying one dollar more at the gas pump than they were before Biden was elected president. He acquiesced that employment wages may be going up "a little," but that prices were going up even faster and people just can't keep up. He said that American families are suffering.

"The average family in the United States has to spend $275 more, each and every month now, just to stay even from where they were a year ago," Barrasso said. "So people are going to have to change, and are changing, the way they drive, the way they shop, the way they live. People are having to tap into savings if they have savings. Inflation is crushing peoples' dreams."

Senator Barrasso also referenced the fact that energy prices are up to, making it more expensive to heat homes. This is especially hard to do in Wyoming, given the climate the state is accustomed to.

He stated that, according to a Harris-Harvard poll, only three in ten Americans support what President Biden is doing as it relates to inflation.

"That means that every Republican and just about every Independent and a whole lot of Democrats don't agree or believe in what Joe Biden is doing on inflation," Senator Barrasso said.

But is this record inflation completely President Biden's fault? NPR suggests that it is not, stating that America is not the only country suffering from higher prices across the board. According to them, the European Union, Canada, South Korea, Turkey, and more are all experiencing high prices.

"All these countries have one thing in common: they're all struggling to recover from a once-in-a-lifetime pandemic that continues to disrupt the supply side of the economy, hampering the ability of businesses, workers, and the global supply chain to operate at full capacity and satisfy boomeranging consumer demand," NPR wrote. "Rather than putting a Biden 'I did that' sticker on products with skyrocketing prices, it's probably more accurate to say 'COVID did that.'"

So, Barrasso asked, what's the solution in the president's eyes?

"Well, it's more government borrowing, more government spending," he said. "That's gonna make inflation worse.  When people look at this president, they see somebody that is out of touch, and in way over his head. And, unfortunately, the American people are paying for this president's incompetence."

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