You may just want to share that you're exercising your voting rights, but snapping a selfie in the polling place in Wyoming could cause some problems. Justin Timberlake became an internet sensation after posting a picture of himself voting in Tennessee, where it's illegal to do so. State election officials say Wyoming law allows for the pictures, but you have to take other things into consideration.
"There is no law that prohibits a picture being taken of yourself in a polling place or you can take it of your own ballot," says Natrona County Clerk Renea Vitto, "but it does prohibit if you're stirring up a disturbance. If you're making a disturbance in the polling place, it does prohibit that."
Vitto says you need to be aware of your surroundings. "You have to make sure if you're going to take a picture of yourself or if someone else is taking that picture that they don't interfere with the person who's in the voting booth next to them, or happen to get a picture of them voting or of their ballot, how they voted."
And she says it's up to the official poll workers to decide whether or not you're causing a disturbance  "They do take an oath to uphold the integrity of the election and it is sort of up to them to make sure that people aren't creating a disturbance, and whoever is there taking that picture isn't interfering with anyone else's right to vote."
The General Election is Tuesday, November 8th.

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