The Wyoming Game and Fish Department has closed some public access areas due to flooding.

Laramie River flooding has caused two areas to close. The Jelm Public Access Area is currently closed as is the Monolith Public Access Area four miles west of Laramie.

Several areas have been closed along the North Platter River in the Saratoga Valley as well. These public access areas include Treasure Island, Foote, Pick Bridge, Sanger and Fort Steele.

Robin Kepple, Information Specialist for Wyoming Game and Fish, warns that even if roads look dry and safe, flooding can quickly change road conditions making them unusable or even wash them out. The public is asked not to attempt using roads that lead to closed public access areas.

The Game and Fish has also closed some roads on the Wick Wildlife Habitat Management Area along Wagonhound Creek due to damage caused by flood waters.

Signs are in place to warn people about closed areas.