A truck carrying over 60,000 pounds of potatoes and onions from Idaho crashed in Wyoming on Monday, spilling its entire payload on the side of Teton Pass.

WYDOT officials say the truck may have exceeded the posted weight limit for the road when the driver lost control, careening down the steep mountain pass at 80 miles per hour before plowing into a storage shed. The driver escaped the accident with only minor injuries and was transported to a nearby hospital.

Meanwhile, the Jackson-based Big Bear Towing company is busy cleaning up the area, including several thousand tons of potatoes and onions.

"It's not like we can give away free potatoes," Big Bear partner Peter Tufo told Jackson Hole News & Guide. "That, unfortunately, all has to go to the dump."

No charges have been filed against the driver yet. If the WYDOT investigation determines the truck exceeded the 60,000-lb. weight limit for the pass, the driver could face potential fines ranging from $300 to $1,000.


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