Is the COVID-19 pandemic about over in terms of how it effects everyday life?

It was two years ago yesterday--March 11, 2020--when the World Health Organization declared the outbreak a "pandemic."

That two years brought a lot of changes. In the months immediately following the declaration, entire countries when into virtual shutdown mode. In some cases, businesses closed and never reopened. People lost their jobs, and in some cases, those jobs never returned.

Bitter poltical divisons developed over such things as mask mandates. Some argued the mandates saved lives. Others, that they were ineffective or even counterproductive.

Arguments persist to this day about personal freedom versus public health concerns.

Tragically, many lives were lost, while others who survived the virus are still living with the after-effects. There were other lasting changes too. Working from home became a lot more common and is likely a permanent change. The same is true of education. Overall, it's been a long and difficult two years, and some things will never be the same.

Even so, things might be getting more or less back to normal. Death tolls and hospitalizations are dropping on a regular basis.

While some people still choose to wear masks, it doesn't seem like many businesses require them anymore, at least here in Wyoming.

Still, there are signs of concern worldwide. In places like Hong Kong, cases continue to surge Is that an outlier or a sign of that the virus is about to make a comeback it  about over? Or are we just in a lull? Perhaps you are one of those folks who think the whole thing is a scam?

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