Joy Greenwald, Townsquare Media
Joy Greenwald, Townsquare Media

The 2022 session of the Wyoming Legislature has passed the halfway point.

Friday marked the 20th day of the scheduled 40-day session.

A lot of bills have already bitten the dust for this time around. Those include such measures as one gun rights bill, the Second Amendment Preservation Act. A second piece of legislation designed to shield state residents from acts deemed unconstitutional under the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, the Second Amendment Protection Act, remained alive as the session entered it's third week.

But some supporters of the Preservation Act are less than thrilled with the Protection Act, considering it a "fake bill" that doesn't really do anything.

Supporters of the Protection Act of course dispute that claim, and it passed the Senate last week with a strong majority of senators voting in favor of the meaure by a margin of 22-8.

Other high profile bills that have failed this session include a resolution calling for a convention of the states as well as a pair of pot bills, one of which would have decriminalized weed and another that would have legalized medical marijuana. Bills to name a section of highway after former President Trump and to impose a 15-cent per gallon gasoline tax increase over three years are also dead for this year. Two attempts to expand Medicaid in Wyoming--one in a bill, the other as a Senate Amendment to the budget, are also dead.

But as the third week of the legislature dawned on Monday, a number of other high-profile bills remained alive. Those include a bill that would force Wyoming school districts to publish a list of classrooom instructional materials online as well as a bill limiting the teach of Critical Race Theory in state classrooms. A bill that would outlaw abortion in Wyoming if the U.S. Supreme Court overtruns the Roe vs Wade decision also remained alive at last report.

And this being a budget session, both houses on Friday passed a budget bill. The Wyoming House and Senate now need to agree over a final version. So... what grade would you give state lawmakers so far?

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