The Laramie Ranger District would like to remind the public that annual shooting restrictions will take effect on Monday, March 31.

These restrictions, which are authorized by Forest Service special order, prohibit the discharge of firearms within the Pole Mountain unit of the Medicine Bow National Forest from March 31 through Sept. 10.

Hunters who possess a valid Wyoming hunting license and are in pursuit of the species for which their license is valid are exempted. This includes spring turkey hunters. Discharging a firearm during the restricted period is prohibited to provide for public safety. The Pole Mountain unit is one of the most highly used recreation areas on the National Forest. Visitor safety is of the utmost concern and stray bullets pose an unnecessary hazard.

This is an annual renewal of a special order which has been in effect since the late 1990’s. There will be an increase in Forest Service Law Enforcement presence as the prohibition takes effect. For more information on the shooting prohibition, please see the attached map of the restricted area.

For additional information on recreational use of the Pole Mountain area, please contact the Laramie Ranger District office at 307-745-2300, visit or follow the MBRTB on Twitter, @MBRNFsTBNG. ###

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