The City of Laramie is warning there have been multiple phone scams reported in Laramie. The Laramie Police Department has provided some tips about the scams...

• Know who is on the other end of the line. Several of the scammers will affiliate themselves with a collection agency or IRS and demand money or threaten arrest. These are typical threats made by scam artists. Check for Better Business Bureau accreditation and confirm this company exists.
• Some scammers pretend to be a relative of the victim. Create a code word with family that signifies an emergency. If a call like this comes in confirm with other family members that person is out of the state or country.
• Beware of lottery scams. These people will call and say the victim has won the lottery and ask for payment of some kind. There isn’t a fee for winning a lottery, and it is illegal to win or play foreign lotteries by federal law.
• Almost all of the phone scams that come in, the scammer asks for payment with a MoneyGram or Visa greendot card. This can be another giveaway of a scam.
• If you aren’t sure who you are talking to, don’t send money!

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