Cheyenne Mayor Marian Orr was interviewed for a Tuesday article on the coronavirus in USA Today.

You can read the article here.

The mayor's office was recently shut down because of positive COVID-19 tests, although Orr herself tested negative for COVID-19. The article focuses on the virus in largely Republican states in the west, including Wyoming.

The article says the mayor is worried about what will happen in the coming months in Wyoming. In terms of the outbreak in Cheyenne, the article quotes the mayor as saying "It's going really badly, to be honest."

The article says that while Orr "has a close relationship" with the Trump White House, she also feels the president has "waffled a bit" and that there "is not a playbook" for dealing with the virus.

Orr was a strong proponent of a face mask mandate in Laramie County and has consistently urged people to "mask up," saying that if that doesn't happen, Cheyenne may be forced to shut down.

Wyoming Governor Mark Gordon is also quoted in the article, specifically saying he kept the government response "light" in hopes that state residents would step up to the challenge of dealing with the pandemic

The governor's reference to people who refuse to take the virus seriously as being "knuckleheads" was also apparently quoted in the article's title.


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