Despite overwhelming public support, some Cheyenne residents are squawking at the idea of allowing backyard chickens in the city, arguing the fowl will decrease property values.

"Chickens within city limits are nothing more than a nuisance," said Curt Buchhammer during Monday night's Cheyenne City Council meeting. "If you're going to raise farmyard animals you should be in the country."

Several communities, including Casper, Laramie and Fort Collins, have passed ordinances allowing residents to keep chickens in their backyards.

"During the past week and again tonight (Monday) we heard some folks express concerns that it's going to negatively impact either their property values or the property value of the chicken owner," said Councilman Jeff White.

"In the past week, I talked to a realtor in Casper, a realtor in Laramie and a realtor in Fort Collins," said White. "All three indicated that in their experience they have never seen any evidence of chicken ownership having a negative impact on property values."

The ordinance will be on third reading when the Committee of the Whole meets on April 20 at 6:00 p.m.

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