UPDATE: Senate President Eli Bebout said Friday afternoon that the legislature is now hoping to complete its work on Saturday, in hopes of adjourning Saturday afternoon or evening.

With a proposed compromise budget hashed out between negotiators for the Wyoming House and Senate but final approval still needed on education funding and other issues, it's not clear at this point exactly when lawmakers will adjourn the 2018 session.

The original expectation when the session convened was that it most likely would wrap up not later than today [Friday, March 9]. But Saturday is still listed as the 20th day of the 20-day session and is available if needed.

Lawmakers could also choose to go into next week.

A key determining factor seems to be whether lawmakers choose to wait for any possible vetoes by Governor Matt Mead. Since the governor has 72 hours from the time he receives the budget to issue any veto, and as of Friday morning still had not received the finalized budget, a veto override attempt could presumably not be held until early next week.

However, informal conversations with legislators and others seem to indicate some support for giving the governor free reign in terms of any line-item vetoes he may issue. The governor also, of course, has the option of vetoing any non-budget bills passed during the session.

Legislative leaders also have the option of waiting to see what vetoes may be issued and then deciding whether or not to call the legislator back to attempt an override.

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