Convertibles are nice. Convertibles are fun. I'd love to have a convertible. But, a visitor to Yellowstone National Park recently learned that no, the bison are not impressed with your fun roofless vehicle.

Here's the backstory of this somewhat terrifying video moment that was just shared on Rumble:

While driving through Yellowstone in Wyoming, traffic came to a stop. The road was curvy, so we weren't quite sure what was going on until we starting seeing the herd. That's when being in a convertible seemed like a really bad idea.

What were they talking about? This.

It's almost like one of the first bison that stopped next to them was thinking "what is this car with no roof?" That begs the question if a bison were to buy a vehicle, would they go with a large F150 or something more practical? Questions, questions.

These ladies were fortunate that these bison didn't do to them what happened to this vehicle a few years ago.

I believe a convertible would not have fared as well in that collision. But, I bet the aroma that tends to follow a bison herd was quite sharp as they ran by these roofless visitors.

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