Locally owned pharmacies, remember those? Where you go to pick up your prescriptions and the pharmacist waiting on you is the owner. You also have to remember that a soda fountain is a key to the experience as well.

Good news, potentially next week(if all goes well) we'll have a brand new, locally owned pharmacy to use as we'll welcome City Drug to Cheyenne. I had the opportunity to meet with City Drugs' owner and pharmacist, Kelsey James. I'll tell you this much, I feel like this is going to be a great addition to Downtown Cheyenne.

Where is the new pharmacy in Cheyenne located?

The name of the new pharmacy is City Drug. Does that give you a good hint? Think back to City News. There you go, they're taking over the space that was once City News. The physical address is 1722 Carey Ave. in Downtown Cheyenne. Which is perfect if you work in the Downtown Cheyenne area.

What features will City Drug have to offer Downtown Cheyenne?

If you're wondering if they'll have popcorn at City Drug, like City News had, the answer is YES. They'll also have a soda fountain. A really cool aspect that Kelsey had mentioned when she was showing me around, they'll have an area for kids so the parents can go in and get what they need and do what they need to do. The area has a small activity area with a TV. They'll also have old-fashioned candy as you would expect at an old-school pharmacy.

Some other features that were mentioned included in-house infusions. They have a massage chair for you to sit in while you get the infusion. They'll also have vaccinations, delivery and you won't have to wait hours to pick up your prescription.

Along with the pharmacy, the location will also house a coffee shop called The Board Room. Kelsey mentioned that they'll have ice cream from High Point in Denver.

When asked about opening her own pharmacy, Kelsey said that this plan had been in motion for over a decade, ever since she started at Town and Country before it closed, she had the idea that she wanted to own a local pharmacy. So, this new pharmacy is a dream for her, and it feels like it will be a gem for Cheyenne.

They're looking to open the store tentatively next week as they're going to start getting their stock in then. Here's to Cheyenne's newest business.

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