Now, these potholes belong to a business' parking lot in Cheyenne. I'm not going to put them on blast and tell who it is. Mainly because it may not be their fault that these giant potholes live in their parking lot. Whoever they rent from may be responsible for this. So, I tried to not have any other businesses in the background to try and avoid that. I know you're smart and you may already know where these potholes exist. But, I don't think it's fair to the business to say who it is on my end.

With that said....I'm going to have a little fun with these potholes. I mean, they're huge! I had to get children to quit swimming in them to take a picture of them. A fisherman was reeling in a big one from one of these bad boys as I pulled into the parking lot. I had to shoo some ducks out of them that mistook them for a pond. A rancher was grazing his cattle in the parking lot so they could get a drink. They're THAT BIG.

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I honestly don't think that there is a bottom to either of them. They're like that giant hole in Outer Range that made Josh Brolin time travel. If you were to park your car there, you'd never be able to back out. It belongs to the potholes now.

With that, check out the potholes below. I may have had fun after the initial photos of the potholes. Ok, I did have fun, but still. We can joke about it. It's one of the main things we deal with living in Wyoming.

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