It's not often we get to see drone video from this part of Wyoming, but maybe that will change after a new drone video of Wyoming's Sunlight Bridge makes its way around the net.

I have driven many of Wyoming's highways and byways, but have never ventured over the Sunlight Bridge. A new drone video seems to show it defying gravity. I have no doubt I'll be hearing from many road engineers to correct me on this.

Thanks to Only In Your State, I learned that this is the highest bridge in all of Wyoming. If you're new to our part of America, the Sunlight Bridge is a part of the Chief Joseph Byway in northern Wyoming stretching toward the Montana border.

Google Maps Satellite View
Google Maps Satellite View

As Enjoy Your Parks mentions, the Chief Joseph Byway curves its way through the northwestern part of Wyoming and even includes part of Yellowstone National Park. There's a good reason why All Trips rates the Chief Joseph Byway as one of the most scenic in America. The fact that its 47 mile path takes 2 hours to traverse tells you something about the high altitudes you'll be admiring.

The Google Reviews of the Sunlight Bridge specifically include comments about "could sit here all day and enjoy the scenery" and "insanely awesome and high". That's one reason I'm surprised it's taken this long to get some great drone video of the area. Definitely one of the most underrated bridges in America right here in Wyoming.

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