There are plenty of songs about the West. There are plenty of songs about Wyoming. But how many of those songs are written by someone who came from Wyoming?

Chris LeDoux comes to mind immediately to anyone who knows anything about Wyoming or country music. Chris was not a Wyoming Native. He was born in Biloxi, Mississippi. His family moved to Wyoming when he was a teenager, and he attended Cheyenne Central High. After a career in rodeo, he tried his hand and writing and singing, eventually making it big and making his home in Kaycee, Wyoming. With a string of hit songs to his name, Chris LeDoux died way too young, at just 56. His son Ned is following his footsteps.

Luke Bell grew up in Wyoming. He finally left the state to be closer to the studios where he creates the country hits you hear on the radio. His first album is titled in his own name.

A new and rising name the scene is Wyoming country music singer-songwriter Sean Curtis who some might remember from a recent Cheyenne Frontier Days. Sean's first single hit "Take This Beer" is on his album "Kind of Like Wyoming." The song debuted at number nine on the country music charts and work it's way up to number eight before dropping off.

A string of hits comes from the Jackson Hole band Screen Door Porch. In the video below Screen Door Porch talks about how Wyoming inspires their music.


But those are just three easy ones to mention.



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