In probably the most Wyoming thing ever, a moose was found lounging around in the damage path of a tornado because moose don't care.

Storm chaser Reed Timmer was doing a follow-up video on a tornado that crossed Highway 287 about 12 miles northwest of Laramie. He noted that there was quite a bit of debris from buildings that were destroyed. But, in the middle of all that he found Bullwinkle (or at least a cousin).

This led to a number of witty comments on YouTube. I think my favorite was from a lady named Ronda who said...

The moose has more sense than men do. Get low, stay low.

Truth. However, Joyce's Paintings seems to like this video a little too much...

LOVE this so much. OMG, we never get to see this kind of video, with just nature and animals. It's like Heaven. It's peaceful and glorious in all its splendor. Thank you so much for uploading this. Luv you Reed Timmer, handsome brother.

Handsome brother? Reed Timmer, you're a lucky man.

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