Acclaimed rock group Mondo Generator is in Laramie tonight for the grand opening of Shocktoberfest.  The group, fronted by bass player and vocalist Nick Oliveri (Kyuss, Queens of the Stone Age, Dwarves), features guitarist Mike Pygmie (You Know Who) and drummer Jeff Bowman (Unsound).  They stopped by the Laramie Live studio for an interview and exclusive acoustic performance.

Nick Oliveri performed two Queens of the Stone Age songs exclusively for Laramie Live.  The first was "Auto Pilot":

And the second was "Gonna Leave You":

Nick Oliveri also talked about the final Kyuss album and learning the songs to perform with Kyuss Lives!

Nick Oliveri played a song from the first Kyuss album, "Wretch," called "Love Has Passed Me by," in an exclusive acoustic set for Laramie Live.

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