As part of his journey to visit all 417 national parks and historic sites, Mikah Meyer stopped by Fort Laramie on Tuesday, July 8.

Meyer started his adventure back in April 2016 at the Washington Monument in Washington, DC. When asked about the inspiration for this trip, Meyer said that his dad enjoyed taking road trips. After his dad passed away, Meyer began to take an annual road trip in his memory. After visiting 10 of the national parks, Meyer made the decision to visit every park in the United States.

Photo by Mikah Meyer
Photo by Mikah Meyer

Of all the parks that he has visited so far, Meyer says that the Dinosaur National Monument that straddles the Utah/Colorado border is his favorite. As for what he was most looking forward to with his Fort Laramie visit? Meyer explained that he was excited to explore the pioneering movement and to connect the Oregon Trail stop with the sites he visited at the end of the trail in Oregon.

Meyer also wants to encourage others to explore national parks with Find Your Park, which helps travelers find national parks in their area, some of which may be off the beaten path.

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