That’s right folks, we’re right smack in the middle of National Bike Month, and May 16 marks the start of Bike to Work Week, a celebration that will culminate in Bike to Work Day on May 20th. In Laramie it's perfect time to bike to work I did today because it's nice out. I check in to see what day is national bike to work day and it started today!

So what’s that mean to you? Well, the big event is Bike To Work Day, where the idea is to encourage folks to try ...  you guessed it... biking to work. 

You may be thinking “Why should I bike to work?” Let me give you a few reasons that might resonate with you. How many of you feel that you never have time to get outside, exercise, and enjoy the outdoors? Well, cycling to work can help with that.  You get to combine those things “there’s never time for” with a daily necessity, getting to work. You might even find you feel less stressed at work, since exercise has been shown to reduce stress levels and help us manage the stress we have in our lives. And you might be able to skip a trip to the gym without feeling guilty about it. Today I saw a goose hanging out in Laramie river which I'm pretty sure I would have missed if I drove.

Aside from the mental and physical health benefits, cycling to work can save you money. I’m guessing you’ve probably noticed that gas prices are climbing. Do the math and think about how many gallons and dollars you can save by riding to work, even a few times a month.  So get your bike tuned up, pump up the tires and ride to work 2 times a week and your body, and your mind will thank you for it!


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