A man charged with possession of cocaine received probation in Albany County District Court Tuesday, May 30.

Nathaniel Jeffrey Kennaday will serve two years of supervised probation. Albany County District Judge Tori Kricken also ordered that Kennaday complete a level 1.0 outpatient drug treatment program.

Prosecutor Kurt Britzius said Kennaday’s limited criminal history, the fact that he is employed and also that the amount of cocaine Kennaday had in his vehicle- just less than 1.6 ounces- was just over the misdemeanor amount contributed to the state’s position that Kennaday qualified for a probationary sentence, rather than jail time.

“The state believes he would be very successful on probation,” Britzius said.

Kennaday took the opportunity to address the courtroom, saying he was glad for the opportunity to start over.

“I’m glad I was arrested, I was headed down a bad path,” Kennaday said.

Kennaday was arrested on Sept. 24 after an Albany County Sheriff’s deputy stopped him for speeding and found cocaine in his vehicle.

Judge Kricken said she considered the full range of sentencing options and decided incarceration was not appropriate in Kennaday’s case, but also said that due to the seriousness of the charges, she could not grant Kennaday first offender status.

“Only you can craft your future,” Kricken said. “Nothing this court can do can take it away from you.”

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