Every year we hear tragic stories about a youngster playing with a gun and accidentally shooting a friend or himself/herself.

Often times these tragedies are deadly. Over the past decade, this country has experienced active shooter events resulting in death where the guns used were owned by a parent or friend. Regardless of your opinions about gun ownership, the issue of safely securing firearms is one that everyone should take seriously.

  •  Every gun owner should carefully consider the reasons for having a gun. If there is no compelling need to own a gun, remove it from your home. A gun frequently increases, not decreases, the danger to your family. The reason is that many gun owners are not proficient in handling their firearms under duress.
  • If you own firearms, carefully consider where to keep them. Closets, nightstands, drawers, on top of high cabinets, and other traditional places are often where criminals, and curious children, look first.
  • Store guns unloaded, locked up and with a lock on the trigger. Consider a lock box for handguns. There are also gun-safes for long-barrel firearms. Secure ammunition separately - and locked up.
  • If you or a family member is experiencing high levels of anger, fear or depression, remove guns from your home. It is during these times a gun is often used against a loved one or against oneself.
  • Never handle a gun when under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  • Deny access to family members that are emotionally disturbed
  • Never leave a gun in your vehicle. Guns are often stolen from cars.
  • Teach children never to touch a firearm without supervision, and to immediately tell an adult if they find a gun.
  • Know where your firearms are at all times. You are accountable for them, and you are responsible for your gun not being used against a family member.
  • All gun owners should receive training in the safe handling and care of their guns and ammunition.
  • Free gunlocks are available at your Sheriff’s Office.

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