Black Tooth Brewing Company
Black Tooth Brewing Company

The University of Wyoming announced this week it will begin selling beer and wine at UW football and basketball games.

I would like to take this time to ask UW higher-ups to consider a few Wyoming-brewed craft beer options. Sure, the standard Bud/Coors option will be the best seller, but why not include an option that supports Wyoming small businesses, too?

Wyoming breweries offer several options that I think would be cool choices for a game day beverage...

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    7200 Stout

    Altitude Brewing Company

    A Laramie favorite and a tribute to the highest elevated D1 campus in the United States (7,220 feet)

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    Dubya Y Wheat

    The Library Sports Grill & Brewery

    Another Laramie favorite Wyoming themed beer. It would be easy to wheel some kegs down the street to The War and the AA.

  • Flash Parker
    Flash Parker

    Cowboy Joe

    Black Tooth Brewing Company

    Black Tooth only brews this seasonally, but a beer called Cowboy Joe deserves to be at UW. Coffee lovers will enjoy this, too!

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    Saddle Bronc Brown Ale

    Black Tooth Brewing Compnay

    Sheridan's Black Tooth Brewing gets two on the list, Saddle Bronc Brown is easy to drink and you'll feel school pride with the brown and gold can.

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    Pako's IPA

    Snake River Brewery

    We'll throw in one for the hop lovers in attendance. This one is easy to find packaged too as they can and distribute this all across the west.

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