CHEYENNE, Wyo. (AP) - Wyoming voters will decide whether their next U.S. representative should be former Vice President Dick Cheney's older daughter or a manager in the oilfield services business.

Republican Liz Cheney has a significant advantage. Republicans outnumber Democrats in Wyoming by almost three-and-a-half to one.

Cheney's campaign has been strong on national defense and keen to roll back what she says are burdensome federal regulations holding back Wyoming's fossil-fuel industries.

Democrat Ryan Greene, of Rock Springs, says he's willing to work across the aisle on priorities a freshman legislator can accomplish. He supports raising the federal minimum wage.

Greene describes himself as more of a Wyoming native than Cheney, who lived most of her life in Virginia before moving to Jackson Hole in 2012.

Dick Cheney was Wyoming's lone congressman from 1979-1989.