Laramie High School held the first of four job fairs today for students during the school's Intervention and Enrinchment period.

Jessicca Rasmussen and Shaye Moon from the State of Wyoming Department of Workforce Services got the idea for the job fair from a coworker who stages a similar event monthly at Torrington High School. After discussing how an event might work in Laramie, they contacted the LHS counseling department to see if they would host a job fair. The response was enthusiastic, and planning started last spring for the series of job fairs taking place between now and April

Today's job fair focused on jobs available in the vocational and trade industries. Several Wyoming businesses had tables at the event, including: Tungsten Parts Wyoming, Millipore Sigma, Rocky Mountain Power, and The Wild Rose.

"We want students to be able to see how industry equipment works and have the chance for hands on learning" said Moon of the trade and vocation focus.

The fair also offered a look at life after high school for students that may not be interested in attending college.

"Some of these kids may not realize that Hathaway would pay for them to go to LCCC or Casper College for a 9 month certification" said LHS counselor Bryon Lee. Lee added that the job fair also allowed students opportunities to ask questions about apprenticeship programs and other jobs that may not require a certificate or a 4 year degree.

The next job fair will be focused on jobs in the health care industry and will take place on December 12, followed by a business, technology, and educaion job fair on February 20 and an art, public service, and other industries job fair on April 2.


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